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Hydroponic Wholesale

Welcome to Easy Grow - Hydroponic Wholesale

hydroponic wholesale processEasy Grow have been supplying horticultural and hydroponics wholesalers with high quality grow products since 1998, to over 30 countries worldwide. Priding ourselves on being providers of premium quality hydroponic and aquaponic growing equipment to our distributors. Easy Grow have a UK Food Grade manufacturing standard second to none, which is proven by the British Retail accreditations we adhere to and by winning the award for the best UK exporter.

Easy Grow have a wide range of hydroponic equipment available for both the beginner and the expert gardener, whether you are growing outside or with an indoor growing system we have the gardening supplies you need; from hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic grow tents, light proof reflective foil and sheeting to the original and best odour neutraliser in the market - ONA. We have an extensive knowledge of indoor hydroponic systems and as a result will only stock the highest quality and innovative hydroponic supplies. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

We are a trade only company and do not sell to end users, however this website has been designed to provide valuable product information to both trade customers and end users alike. If you are an end user and you do not know where our products are stocked please contact us and we will tell you your nearest retailer.

Since starting in the supply of foils and sheeting the company has grown, now supplying wholesalers throughout the UK and Europe with a number of high quality hydroponic grow products from:

ona odour neutraliser
  • ONA- Odour Neutralising Agent (Winner of the Malaga 2011 Best Grow Product Award), which is a massive commercial success story. A powerful scientifically advanced blend of 32 essential oils which bind to odour molecules, permanently eliminating even the nastiest of odours, naturally. Now including the brand new Apple Crumble Scent
  • Easy Grow lightite foils and reflective sheeting the original and best hydroponic growing foil. Our professional reflective foils reflect both light and heat thermals, to assist with controlled heat loss. Yield increasing, npk industriesthermal reflecting, stimulates vigorous growth, and helps stop mould.
  • The current best-selling product range in North America from NPK industries – Mighty Wash, Power Wash, PM Wash, Multiply and Stack.
  • A range of hydroponic nutrients from the new award winning Green Planet Nutrients (Winner of Best Fertiliser Award - Madrid 2011), including the 100% organic one part nutrient 'Medi-One' to the hugely popular Metrop concentrated fertilisers.
  • Green Room Grow Tents - the new standard in grow tent design,
  • exhale co2 bags
  • The Brand new RAW Soluble nutrients- Essential Elements and Bio-stimulant Soluble Powders.
  • Myco Fusion Range from Santiam Organics-Mycorhizzae spores for hydroponics
  • Exhale CO2 Bags- A revolution in indoor CO2 prodution
  • Pure Kapow The natural combatant of mites mildews and moulds
  • Microbe Life Hydroponics Premium Microbe Hydroponics from Ecological Laboratories
  • Easy Grow Fabric Pots for a bountiful harvest
  • Odour Control Ducts to permanently remove odours from your ducting

  • We are the original & the best!...Never bettered..only poorly copied.

    On behalf of all the Easy Grow team we would like to wish you happy growing and hope that you can join the best in hydroponic wholesale. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, require samples or are interested in stocking our products then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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